About Me

Originally from London I am now a Cambridge based freelance illustrator and storyboard artist with a particular passion for fantasy, horror and comic art.

I am extremely versatile and have been commissioned for a variety of storyboard projects for a number of high profile clients such as Playstation, Nissan, Karrimor and Toyota to name but a few.

My passion extends to comic book work and I have drawn for British Sci Fi anthology 2000ad.

I tend to work traditionally – pencils and ink – but have found benefits to colouring work digitally. Colouring digitally is faster – which I have found to be of benefit with regards to storyboard work – but also allows me the luxury of easily manipulating any changes I (or clients) wish to make ‘after’ I have coloured a piece – plus its not nearly as messy, although having said that nothing beats throwing paint around on a huge canvas.

When drawing storyboards I can produce between 30 – 40 panels per day – in pencil. This figure obviously varies depending upon detail required and whether or not the client requires work to be inked and/or coloured.

I have a particular passion for science fiction, fantasy and horror, however I can turn my hand to any subject matter – this is evident when viewing samples of my work.

Please do have a look around my site and feel free to contact me should you require any further information or wish to commission me for illustrations, comic book or storyboard work.


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